Every once and awhile, I have to remind myself to go check out Dick Scoggins’ “8 Phases of Church-Planting.” See the summary here…


With more details available here…


He’s actually got a total treasure trove of other resources there on his site, so click around until you get the big picture. I guess, most recently, he isn’t publishing his “Phases” in the PDF form, with granular detail like he did before. In some ways, that might be a loss — but I’m just GUESSING that someone told him “it never really happens sequentially like that,” and maybe by publishing it in detail, sequentially, some people were loading up with false expectations? That’s the only reason I can figure — because it was a great resource as a downloadable PDF. Just in case you missed downloading them back when they were previously available :-) , here’s a copy we’ve archived for your viewing (and church-planting) pleasure: