I enjoyed reading comments on the item, “The BackPage: Muslims are Coming to Isa,” Available at…


For example, a worker named Mike reported, “Yes, we are seeing a tremendous growth in areas that I have visited. Much of the fruit is coming from Internet and Satellite as it becomes easier for Muslims to find the Word there. It seems that the church is lacking in reaching them, but through electronic media, the Word is getting out.” Another worker added, “We have been working in the M world for almost 30 years. We are seeing some movements but truly it is a drop in the bucket… The field is white unto harvest and the workers are way too few. We need to been imparting vision that the job is far from over and hands are needed in M countries to bring the harvest in.” Still another worker reinforced, “Christians (in the West and elsewhere) need to mobilize – and do much more than merely ‘pray.’ We need to go – even in very difficult places, and support financially, and give substantial moral and spiritual support to those who do go.” We ESPECIALLY loved Greg L’s comments (those working among Muslims will immediately recognize the name “Greg L” without any further fanfare), “It’s too soon to celebrate, and too soon to quit. We need to keep asking ‘what will be left behind?’ How many identifiable fellowships of MBBs are reproducing… a hit on the internet is hardly ‘regeneration.’ Still, it’s a lot more than before 1975, so let’s keep believing.” (Thanks to ALL participants here at Brigada for dialoguing about this question and others. We appreciate your willingness to share your experience and opinion!)