Are you one of the 20 million people who use Ubuntu Linux every day? If so, you might truly enjoy this solution for backup and/or file archiving…

The same Brigada reader wrote, “You can do the same thing with Dropbox. Just get a good software package to manage the backup. I wrote my own (that uploads to the Ubuntu cloud), but there are plenty of available alternatives. My software package does this:

1) Compress home directory (from ~60 gigs to 3 gigs)
2) Encrypt compressed files
3) Compare encrypted, compressed files with those in the cloud directory
4) Update any that don’t match

The whole process takes ~2 minutes each night, then I’m always backed up and I never have to think about it. I actually set it to back up to the Ubuntu cloud and Dropbox, that way I always have two copies. The encryption is virtually unbreakable without my key.” Cool. You can probably do that in your spare time too, right? (Thanks for the tip, Chris!)