We’re grateful for the many who have written about the new format we’re using with Brigada Today. Responses have ranged from…

*** “Nice!”


*** “The type is so miniscule that I didn’t read the issue.” [Oops! Somehow, we didn’t get the sizing right in the first edition. Hope that’s been corrected now. If it’s still not right for you, please let us know. Thanks for the feedback!”

*** “I like the setup which much facilitated by the links at the side.  Great work.”

*** “Thanks Doug, I love the new format and even posted some info for resources.”

*** “Thanks so much for all your hard work on the new distribution channel and format. It’s very crisp and looks great!”

*** ” Just a note of encouragement … Thanks heaps for Brigada, your passion for missions and love of God! Blessings & prayers”

*** “I just email to say THANK YOU, for everything you do!”