As previously reported, Shane and Robby are developing a collaborative effort to generate funds for pioneering mission efforts through Solavei’s profit-sharing model. Monthly referral benefits start at $20/mo for three referrals and can grow beyond $1,000/mo as those referrals refer others. So this doesn’t have to become a second career. And one doesn’t have to subscribe to the service to earn such referral benefits, making it possible for a missionary to benefit substantially by finding just a few stateside friends who will subscribe and refer a few others. Through the end of October Solavei is offering a free SIM card for your own unlocked GSM phone ($30 value) and your first month’s service ($50 value). And those who subscribe three others by 10/31 get a second month free on top of the normal $20/mo plus $50 bonus. Those who respond to from this Brigada entry will also generate support for one of our Team Expansion missionaries. And Robby can guide you in how you can ALSO generate support for your own favorite missionary. (And thanks to Robby for his support of Brigada!!!)