Month: September 2012

1) "Bribery and the Bible:" Free Download —

Published in Singapore in 1991 by Campus Crusade Asia Limited, this book gives a Biblical perspective on bribery and extortion and applies that perspective to bribery issues in one country. After five chapters defining bribery...

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3) Why Switch to iContact Now? —

Several reasons. First, for those wishing to unsubscribe or change their address, it’ll be much easier. The controls at the end of each newsletter will insure that you’re in charge of your subscription. (This will...

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6) So What Will We have to Do? —

It’s easy. You’ll receive an invitation from iContact to receive Brigada. If you’d like to continue to receive it, just follow the simple instructions to subscribe. That’s it. Note that it will be an...

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7) When should we Expect the Invitation? —

If all goes well, your invitation should come on Friday, Oct. 5, around noon Eastern time. But you’ll be able to subscribe at any time. And remember, if you miss an edition, archives are always on the web at...

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9) Why are you Using an Opt-In Invitation?

Some might have expected us to just port over the whole mailing list — all 10,000 addresses. However, there are certain protocols we value here at Brigada and one of them is — we let you be in the driver’s...

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12) World Hindu Prayer Guide Now Available —

You’ve heard (or prayed through) 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World and now you can pray for Hindus! Youth With A Mission is launching The World Hindu Prayer Initiative on October 16-25, 2012, during the Hindu Festival...

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13) We’re Grateful!!! —

Thanks to Go International, which just sent $30. God bless you! Thanks also to ISA, who sent $4.92 to say thanks for recent travelers who had used their website at… We appreciate...

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14) Kindle and the Game-Changers —

When my wife and I first started with Team Expansion, we served in Montevideo, Uruguay, South America. We took one afternoon and evening per week as a Sabbath. We’d ride the bus into the center of the city and visit the...

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15) Closing Stuff —

Subscription Information — Important! Please don’t just hit “reply”. Subscriptions are automated. First, you need to determine the mailing source of your individual copy of Brigada Today. We use 2...

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