Month: September 2012

7) Missions Agencies’ Use of Social Media —

By now it is clear that social media is not simply a fad or a cool tool for the younger generation. It is a profound shift in how people around the world communicate & collaborate. As wonderful as social media is, it does...

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8) Are you burnt out? Contemplating a change? —

Or are you spiritually disconnected? The Well Member Care Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand has designed the Wellspring Retreat for singles and couples engaged in cross-cultural ministry. Wellspring is a safe, supportive, peaceful...

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9) Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities with IDEAS

IDEAS offers short-term volunteer opportunities for Christian professionals who want to gain international professional experience while also developing relationships and embracing a new culture and community. The Contract...

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10) We’re Grateful for Those Who Spur us On —

Thanks for the anonymous friend who sent $75 this past week, with the sole request that we lift up the work of Mission to Unreached Peoples, a group that seeks to “help equip, send and stimulate a global collaboration to...

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11) Ten things to know for today —

Let’s say you’re going to have the opportunity to meet with a new cross-cultural Christian worker. You only have one meeting, and in that one meeting, you’re asked to share 10 “lessons learned” or...

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1) Free Strategy Design Resource —

Wow. I’m serious. If you have anything to do with putting together plans to reach unreached peoples, RUN, don’t walk, to this site: This Orville Boyd Jenkins dude has...

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