Several reasons. First, for those wishing to unsubscribe or change their address, it’ll be much easier. The controls at the end of each newsletter will insure that you’re in charge of your subscription. (This will simplify life for us, too, since our readers will complain less. :-) ) Second, the editions will look better and be easier to read. Brigada’s format has remained largely unchanged since the first edition in 1995. At long last, we’re trying to spruce things up a bit. We won’t ever again have to say “this link will wrap.” And the table of contents will be keyed so you’ll be able to hop down and back in an instant, so you can read the item you want, then jump back up to the table of contents (Lord willing). It’s a shift to have to change, yes. But once we’ve made the jump, it’ll be lots more fun. :-)