In national emergencies like the tsunami in northeastern Japan, we can see and understand the urgency. Huge waves overturning three-story buildings have a way of getting our attention. But more subtle changes can sneak up on us. Are we sometimes like the frog in a kettle, who doesn’t notice that the water temperature is little-by-little rising to a boil?


It’s an important question these days. Some would say that tsunami-like waves are swelling around us. Families which formerly gathered to pray and worship now meet to play and pretend. And although we all believe in a healthy amount of tolerance, I cringe at the thought that we might bite our tongue rather than share the honest truth about our testimony and answered prayer.


We celebrate the exceptional churches and individuals who are choosing to stand strong in the midst of this cultural sea change. We pray for the ability to help sound a wake-up call. Waves of apathy are often followed by moldy inaction. May our generation not be remembered as people who had “The Book” but did nothing with it.