Radvocacy(TM) has partnered with Swipe Away Poverty(r) a partnership between of Prolific Business Solutions(r) and Compassion International to make every swipe count for global missions. If your business or non-profit uses credit cards, with every transaction, they can help these two non-profits meet their goals around the world. Prolific also promises they will save your business or non-profit money, or they will give you $500 for your time. How can you say ‘No’ to that? If you sign-up, these charities get a portion of Prolific’s profit. If your Business or Non-Profit want’s to help global missions with every credit card transaction, check out Prolific by getting a quote.




Fill-out the application, click ‘Apply Now’ to get a quote. Prolific will walk you through the process, and answer your questions. If you like what you see, please consider signing-up with Prolific.

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