Here at Brigada, we’re always humbled, sobered, and inspired when people chip in toward the expenses we have in sending out Brigada to 10,000 participants each week. This past week, Insurance Services of America (ISA) sent $127.42 as a thank-you gift for the Brigada participants who had traveled safely and securely, with the assurance that they were covered in case the worst happened (or even if their next flight canceled). If you’d like that peace of mind, the source to which we turn again and again is ISA. They cover missionaries and cross-cultural travelers of all kinds at…


There are plans, brochures, applications and pricing. It’s all there.


We’re also grateful to the Mission Network, Anacortes, WA, for another monthly gift of $100 to undergird Brigada’s global ministry! If you or your church would like to add Brigada to your monthly budget, that would be awesome! And please let us know if you’d like us to visit you in person. We’ll do whatever we can to make it happen. We recently asked the folks at the Mission Network why they, in fact, give each month to Brigada. We were both inspired and encouraged when they answered, “One of the main reasons we give each month is because we think many others could be doing the same. We hope our small gift will inspire them to step up to the plate and do likewise — to propel Brigada well into the future.”


Now — drum roll — based on the $7310 that Brigada Participants have spent on Logos Research Systems products using Brigada links over the past quarter, Logos just sent a thank-you check, totally unsolicited and unexpected, for $1096.58! Can you believe it? First, it tells me that you guys are studying a lot of Bible passages!!! Second, it says something about your willingness to invest in quality tools. And third, hats off to Logos for their willingness to thank the Brigada community for its combined interest! So please… please know that when you use these Brigada links, you’re empowering the Brigada community to keep pumping out resources to screens all over the world on a regular basis. And don’t forget to stop by


to see if there are any Bible study materials that will help you, your family, your church, and/or your mission. God bless you!!!