4) What’s your Favorite iPhone Prayer Request App? —

I’m still tempted just to use Evernote. In this way, I have the same set of prayer requests on my iPhone, my laptop, and the web itself. By using appropriate and relevant tags, I can easily sort prayer requests by category (Church, Mission, Family, work, etc.) or status (Answered, Current, Daily, etc.). But I’m less certain about how to feature a particular set of prayer requests each day of the week or month. For example, our organization prays for a set of countries each day of the month, so that, by the time we get to the 30th or 31st, we have prayed through the whole world. On the next day, the first of the next month, we start the process all over. (By the way, in this manner, I’m happy to tell you that nobody on our team is shocked any more when someone mentions Tuvalu, Mauritius, or Vanuatu.) So, having not found an easy way to do that in Evernote (without some workarounds), I’m intrigued by using a custom app. The one on which I’ve settled for now is simply called, “Pray!” and is available in the App Store. I like it that it can be date-driven or tag-driven. Title, details, “prayer areas” (tags), and reminder (dates, which can reoccur) and — bam — your request is ready to roll. Simple, fast, convenient, and effective. With the size of our organization, for my own purposes, I really didn’t have the luxury of patching into some global network of prayer requests from countries, churches, and organizations on a broad level. I’ve got more than I can manage just with family, church and org. But maybe your life is different. Which app has become your favorite and why? Please click into a comment box at the web version of this item — and thanks in advance for giving your opinion.

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  1. K Reply

    I like Evernote as a prayer tool. I just turn it on and say, “Amen” as I go back to sleep.

    Just kidding.

    I’ve got a “prayer” notebook and in it keep the following:
    -prayer daily (for stuff I want to pray about every day)
    -prayer Monday (stuff I pray about on Mondays)
    -prayer Tuesday… etc.
    -prayer 1-31 (stuff I pray about once per month, for example I put an item or two under the 1st, the 2nd, etc.)

    Works GREAT for me because it seems like my prayer time often inspires an idea related to other stuff in Evernote anyway.

  2. Cheryl Weaver Reply

    I really like my Youversion Bible app – I am on a yearly reading plan and I can bring it up each morning and have it read to me!!! I also have the Bible in Turkish on that app.

  3. Amanda Reply

    I was searching for reviews of prayer apps and found this. I may give Evernote a try. I’m looking for something that allows me to share prayer requests with others in my prayer group so we are all using the same app. Sounds like you’ve done that with Evernote.

  4. Wilson Cheng Reply

    My name is Wilson, I am from England and I have recently developed an Apple application for iPhone/iTouch Apple devices (now ready for free download) for christian missionaries (available now to download on iTunes- type ‘christian missionary app’). This app shows users how to pronounce any bible reference in the language that they have chosen. It also teaches them how to say very simple prayers/words of encouragement in that chosen language. when pressing the ‘play’ button, each phrase/bible refernece audio clip is a recording of a native speaker of that language. It is a way to share and bless any non English speakers. It is absolutely free to download.
    The app is particularly useful because unlike other translators, this app does not need to go onto the Internet in order to work. This is useful when users are working/serving abroad as they often do not have any Internet access.
    we are currently working on languages in Asia, the app translate languages including Japanese, Korean, Napoli, Tagalog, Russian, Chinese, Malay, Thai and Burmese.

    The website (www.christianmissionaryapp.com) is the website that explains the app more in detail, but more importantly it serves as a platform for all the christian missionaries to share they prayer requests, testimonies of their mission/app, worhsip, ideas, concerns and expectations. It is a place where everyone can share their experience, a place to encourage each other; it is simple to use, and is very similar to other social networking sites but this is specifically designed for christian missionaries only.

    I am therefore writing for ask for your kind help to consider spreading the use of both the app and the website to any christians in your ministry, especially for those who are thinking of going on a mission trip, or for those who are already working abroad. I am hoping that if you could include a link of the above website on your web page so that more people will know about this platform. I have got some printed cards to send to you if may be you can give out to the church/people. I am also asking if you may be interested in writing an short article/review/comment for this website and/or the app and then post it on the news section of your site, so that people will get to know about this and start using the site if they wish to.

    On the resource page of our website, we are more than happy to put your site and recommend your ministry to people when visiting the site.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Mobile: (44) 7825719098

    Thank you again for reading this,
    God Bless and I look forward to hearing from you soon. I pray that we can work together to build the kingdom of God
    Wilson Cheng

  5. Michael Reply

    My favorite is an app called Prayer Intentions. It’s super easy to use, I can add new prayers to my list quickly and I can pray for my friends. Not to mention, it’s free. Here’s a link if you are interested: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/prayer-intentions/id532872736?ls=1&mt=8#

  6. Rick Austin Reply

    I am the developer of the Prayer Prompter app. It is the only Christian prayer app I know of that includes worship and Scripture meditation as vital elements of prayer.

    Prayer Prompter allows the user a way to save, organize and view Scripture passages, prayer quotes, prayer requests and other devotional material organized into folders by subject.

    It comes pre-loaded with folders and content so it’s ready to use even before adding your own verses and requests.

    I am offering it for free because I want as many believers as possible to be able to install it and check it out.

    I personally use Prayer Prompter ever day and it has transformed my prayer life especially through daily meditation on His Word. Sometimes, I don’t even get around to asking HIm for anything except to help me draw nearer to HIm and to obey Him and seek His will in everything.

  7. Philippe Reply

    Thank you Michael and Rick. I have download both your application for different purpose. May God continue to bless you to be a blessing to his people. I will share your app with others

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