5) On Your Next Vision Trip or Prayer Journey: Options —

So let’s say you’re about to visit an unengaged unreached people group (UUPG). What kind of contribution could your team make, on behalf of the rest of the world full of researchers, prayer partners, and world Christians? One on-field worker recently responded, “Why not make a Gospel Recording?  It takes about 5 days for an interpreter to work with a UUPG member to make a 20-minute Good News recording.  Making such a recording sheds much useful insight about a UUPG.  And in the process, Gospel truth is communicated and left behind for others to use.” So my question is — how would a team go about doing this? Is there a guidebook anywhere (where?)? What other opportunities and/or responsibilities should an on-site vision team try to fulfill? If you have ideas, resources, pointers, directions, instructions, please click into the “Comment” box of the online version of this item.

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  1. mark Reply

    Seems to me that the former Caleb Project, now the Caleb Resources Division of OMF, has specialized and excelled in research teams for several decades…

  2. Robby Reply

    The latest issue of Mission Frontiers looks at a case study for what short-terms can do to fuel Church Planting Movements. This is what we are aiming to help with on an upcoming cross-cultural trip with our kids. Presently we are looking at options in the Amazon, Medillin, and Melilla.

    E3 Partners specializes in short-terms with this kind of impact. They have a great 3-minute video describing their methodology (and history) at . At about 1:45 they dig into how they start CPMs.

  3. karma Reply

    Our team specializes mission in church planting but the website as you publish (UPG / uupg) it’s become one of the obstacles and threats to move us where we are.

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