Month: November 2011

2) How strong is your language? —

Our world is changing rapidly. Previously untouched groups now have cell phones and even Internet. This is changing what languages people speak, and what language(s) may be most effective for ministry. Is the language situation...

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3) Mama Shekinah Now Available in 8 Languages —

Mama Shekinah is a powerful documentary of love, trauma, and forgiveness. Sixty minutes long and shot in HD, it tells the story of Hedwig, hell deep in spiritual perfectionism, and Colin, hell deep in drugs, pimping and...

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4) Searching for Christian I.T. Professionals —

There are positions open for Site Lead in West Africa for a US Technology company. The candidate(s) should have at least 5 years experience in both Microsoft and Apple operating systems, firewalls, shell scripting, website...

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5) Your Favorite Computer Bible? —

As we continue our series on favorite computer Bible software, please have a look at Blue Letter Bible.   Thanks to the anonymous tipster!

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7) In Search of Fundraising Guidelines —

This past week, a friend asked if we had any documented fund raising guidelines for either churches in general or for mission trips in particular. This particular church is sending out a medical mission team in the Spring. In...

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9) Director of Development Position Available —

To Every Tribe is seeking an individual with a passion for seeing the gospel proclaimed among unreached/unengaged people groups, and who can provide leadership, strategic initiative, and management for all of To Every...

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