We’re fortunate at Team Expansion to have an I.T. guy that tries to keep us informed about trends and futures. He recently pointed me to this article by a prof at Carnegie Mellon.




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The bottom line of this article, and the research behind it, is that facial recognition software, combined with internet search capabilities, is becoming sophisticated and fast enough to begin affecting the way we post our picture on such sites as Facebook and LinkedIn. How long will it be before unfriendly governments begin using these techniques for screening potential visitors to their borders? I’m not sure — 20 years? 10 years? next year? Either way, it has the potential of affecting all those who seek to remain low-key and “under the radar.”


How will *your* agency or church respond to this kind of technology? Should you, for example, ask potential workers to remove all pictures and tagging on Facebook? Should you ask that no online pictures be posted on any site whatsoever? The time we require to react to these and other, similar questions is time lost to respond in a proactive way. Please give your opinion (anonymously or under an assumed name if you desire) in the Comment box below. Thanks.