For mission committees, churches, and on-site teams wanting to collaborate, communicate, and share files, this just *might* qualify as one of the most useful programs we’ve used. It’s called,


There are free start-up options, so you can ‘try before you buy.’ But you can’t beat the subscription deal — For a mere $25/month for a key facilitator, your whole team can come together on an infinite number of projects, and each project can contain up to 5 gigs of files, viewable by everyone you’ve added in that project. So this is a file storage solution without limits, essentially. For example, you might create one project to serve as a kind of “intranet” for your team or community, then create another one for each team you’ve sent out. There’s a “status” page, where folks place updates (like status updates in Facebook). There’s another tab for Tasks, where you can assign tasks, “complete” them, and do discussions about them. And then there’s the “Files” tab with which you can store documents. Everything is “needle-in-a-haystack searchable, so you’ll never lose things again. And the document storage also has lightweight ‘versioning.’ There’s even a “chat” built-in for use with those who are registered. Use “labels” to tag ideas (also unlimited), and mark tasks with due-dates and label-based priorities. Each project is encrypted and separated from the other projects with a “wall” of separation, so you can invite as many guests into one project and they’ll never see the contents of the “project next door,” so to speak, so you can maintain security. Give it a try. Keep in mind — There’s no affiliate discount or kick-back being given here. This is just one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.