Month: March 2011

9) Thanks to World Outreach Missions —

We’re grateful to WOM, Inc. (World Outreach Missions) for a $250 gift today for Brigada’s global ministry of connecting servants, tools, and resources. Thanks World Outreach Missions! If you’re lucky enough to...

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5) Free Outreach Papers To Reach Ful*Nis —

Outreach papers are currently available in five (soon to be six) Ful*ni dialects, providing accessible literature even to new literates, for the vast majority of Ful*s in West Africa or living in the West. Papers can be supplied...

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6) Learn About International Security —

CCI is offering two training seminars in April to assist those in the missions community with security and training needs.   Field Security Seminar – April 4-6, 2011 – A three-day program that instructs on...

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8) Language Acquisition Training —

TRAIN International is offering “Acquire,” language acquisition training in Joplin, MO from April 4-15, 2011. Eric Derry leads this two-week intensive training and empowering cross-cultural workers with the...

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9) What’s a church to do? —

OK, so you’ve taken Perspectives or been to some event and are all jazzed up for missions only to come home to a church that is less than excited. How do you get a church mobilized? Or perhaps your church already has an...

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10) Train on Storytelling —

75% of the Bible is in story form. You can learn to tell fascinating accurate Bible stories and lead interactive discussions that can change lives. TRAIN International is hosting a Biblical storytelling seminar conducted by the...

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