We’re struck by the fact that, even without asking, people still recognize that we have expenses and they still want to add fuel to the fire. This week, we’re celebrating a $25 gift from the Int’l Council of Ethnodoxologists. (See their item above in the #1 slot.) Also — get this — remember a while back when our Brigada.org site was subjected to a Denial of Service attack? In particular, the rascal that attacked our site had set up a repeating routine one of our donation portals. He would submit a bad credit card charge in rabbit-dial fashion. For the first few days, we were seeing all the hundreds of attempts, without realizing that our credit card portal company was charging us a small amount for each attempted charge. By the time we realized what was happening and shut down the portal, the perpetrator had cost us $550. Well one of our brilliant Brigada participants remembered that attack. This past week, bless his heart, all the way from Penang, Malaysia, he offset that attack by giving, of all things, $550. In other words, he covered the entire cost of the incident! Whooooooo-hoooooooooooo! He attached a note that read, ” May the Lord multiply it. Don’t have to mention me in the donations sections. I just think that the networking offered by Brigada is awesome. It shows that the strength of the church is in our unity.” Hear my heart — in the dark of the night, when I’m thinking, “Should I really go write another Brigada Today?” … do you think my heart doesn’t remember participants such as this brother from Malaysia? Please take a moment right now and give thanks for his sacrificial act of service. God be praised!