Here’s your last chance to add some “cool tools” to the list of resources to be offered by Doug and company when The Mission Exchange stages a special Brigada-edition on Apr. 21st. David Mays writes, “One of the most popular series ever to appear in the weekly e-zine, Brigada Today, is a set of ‘Cool Tools’ which, according to some, contained just the right mix of ‘gadget’ with reality. This webinar will build on the Brigada series, discussing tools and gadgets that can enhance your efficiency and productivity, beginning with the simple and moving toward James Bond.

Doug will consider the elementary to the complex, the obvious to the obscure, discussing some of the equipment he has found to leverage his time in travel, keeping in touch, remaining secure, reporting to donors, and raising up prayer. Items range from a journal, camera kit, and USB cell-phone charger, to software and personal sat-beacons.” So be there or be square. Let’s see if we can beat the record for the most participants ever in a David Mays webinar. Who knows! If we gather enough Brigiteers, David just might be guilted into making a contribution to Brigada once the webinar has concluded! :-) (That’s a dare, David!) Learn more — and/or register — at