If you ever had suspected that turning the corner past the year 2000 might bring about a diminishing interest in unreached peoples on the part of churches and church leaders, I would have to suggest that you missed the mark. In the world in which I’m living, churches (especially megachurches) are more active and eager than ever to embrace and complete the task of telling the whole world about Jesus. Yes, the mode is in flux (and perhaps even a bit of the message?), but the willingness, in my limited experience, is still strong.


What does this mean? It might mean that — if we lead a mission team or an organization, we might be forced to re-think our relevance and our “modus operandi” (“M.O.”), but nevertheless, it appears that the need, the opportunity, and the partnerships are still there to be had. The question is — can we become creative enough to retool our “modalities and sodalities.”


What’s your own experience? What modalities and sodalities are you having to rebuild? How do you see the future shaking out when it comes to transforming trends in sending teams to reach unreached peoples? Please take a moment to summarize your input by clicking on “Comment” below. Feel free to do so anonymously if that’s preferable.