I got the opportunity at Lausanne III to participate in a Dialogue Session on Member Care, led by Philip C of Rami & Associates. We dialogued about Interserve…


They specialize in caring for MKs and TCKs.

Link Care


and Lausanne’s own Member Care and Counsel as Mission …


This Care and Counsel as Mission group, chaired by Bradford S., is relatively new. They articulated a 3 Circle Paradigm of Care and Counsel, consisting of care…

*** In support of missionaries (Member Care)

*** In support of the global church (Christian Counseling)

*** In support of the world (Care & Counsel as Mission).

Hadn’t thought about it before, actually, that Business as Missions (BAM) workers from all countries — even from traditional missionary-receiving countries — need member care as well. What’s more, many of these lands have previously had few, if any, Member Care Specialists.

Brent L, of The Global Member Care Network, suggested that perhaps we ought to call it Member *Health* Network — in an effort to widen the group of resource people that can or would be involved.


Their tag line is “Connecting and Developing Member Care Worldwide” and they maintain a great network/index of workers there whereby you can find helpers in various regions. It might be the most complete, up-to-date list of member care providers throughout the whole world. They defined Member Care as the ongoing preparation, equipping, and empowering of missionaries for effective and sustainable life, ministry and work. So they address all aspects of well-being of missionaries and their dependents. It includes spiritual, emotional, relational, physical, and economic matters. Learn more at their website.