Our apologies to those who disliked the catch-up editions last week. (Catch-up can be messy if you get it on your shirt?) Three Brigada participants wrote, urging us to change our approach of writing mini-editions separately. I’ve always heard that if one person complains, there are usually 999 who feel the same way, but for whatever reason, maybe they held their tongue. If that’s the case, it’s as if I got email from 3000 people in the past couple of weeks! (No wonder I’m sleepy! :-) ) All three said, basically, “Please don’t send multiple emails within the same week unless it’s something extremely important.” Our response? “OK! We’ll listen.” So, in an effort to be sensitive to their input, we’re making this a multiple edition all-in-one. At least if we’re going to catch-up, it’ll only have to spill one time. In the future, we’ll try to stay on track! (You’re saying ‘yeah right,’ but I really mean it! :-) Honest I do. A Brigada reader here at Lausanne sympathized with me. These are *extremely* long days. It’s now 1am. Not an excuse. Just an explanation. Anyway… on with the messy catch-up.