On March 6th, Brigada will stage a day-retreat at Emerald Hills in Louisville, Kentucky. New this week — you can attend in person or virtually, via webinar. The primary presenter, Ed Brown, is Director of Care of Creation and author of, “Our Father’s World.” Who would enjoy this workshop? Those that…

  • Are concerned about the environment
  • Want to see and experience a missions campus with a nature heart
  • Would be open to utilizing ecology as a missions platform
  • Have questions about whether or not Al Gore is right ( :-) )
  • Want to help their local church demonstrate care for creation
  • Those who care about God’s earth and want to reconnect with him
  • Those interested in prayer (we’ll be doing 2 prayer walks on wooded trails designed for that purpose)

Register to attend in person at…


To attend via webinar, just go to


and use either the Authorize.net or the PayPal link to make a donation of $19 or more. (Please mention your desire to attend the webinar.) You’ll receive a link via email to register for the webinar within 24 hours. Be sure to initiate this process well ahead of March 6th. (To participate in the webinar, you’ll need a headset or speakers on your personal computer.)

The day-retreat runs 8am -4:45pm. Those who attend in person will enjoy 2 prayer walks on the beautiful prayer trails at Emerald Hills, Brigada’s home base. The in-person price, which includes the entire day, lunch, and materials, is just $39. Webinar participants are asked to donate $19. Reconnect with creation, reconnect with God, and reconnect with missions — all at a beautiful wooded site on the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky. Hosted by Doug Lucas, who would love to meet you. Sign up today… in-person seating is limited to the first 150 participants. The webinar is a good option after Emerald Hills fills up. (I wish we could give away the webinar for free like Chalmers Center, but we have to pay Ed and his travel expenses.)