The gifts described above bring out total 2009 giving to 11,139.38. Everything is openly disclosed here. To reach our goal of 17120, we still need to pray up just under $6000. So … all we need are 60 “True Friends of Brigada” to each chip in $100. *Or*, like last year, one single entity could volunteer $5000 — and we’d be nearly there. Unfortunately, there’s just 1 more edition of Brigada in 2009. No time to lose. If you were waiting it out… to see how close we’d come? … now you know. If you’d like to turn the tide, just click on one of the “Donor” links at the top of this page. Both are safe, the one with PayPal and the other with one of the most well-known “real” online merchants on the web. Neither requires you to open an account with anyone … and neither ever spams you. We can even set up a regular once-a-month automatic withdraw from your checking account or major credit card. Set it up once and rest easily, knowing that you’re regularly helping get Brigada on the way to the nations. Or, if you prefer, just send an old-fashioned check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) A gift of any size would help, whether monthly or one-time. If you know someone else who might like to help, just hit reply and tell us about him/her/them. Thank you for your help in fueling the fire of Brigada!