missionaryhealthToday we give a great big ‘thank-you’ to Insurance Services of America, who recently sent $19.19 in recognition of Brigada travelers. When you travel internationally, if you’re like me, you always pick up trip interruption and travel insurance anyway. Shop around — my own experience is that ISA will have the best price anyway, *plus* they then send a tithe to Brigada even from that low price! Their tithe this time around came as a result of travelers like Eric, Wade, Steve, and Donna. But it just as well could have been you. So these travelers made a gift to Brigada without it having to impact their wallet. (They were going to purchase trip insurance anyway.) Please, then, consider using




Thank you travelers, and thank you ISA!


We’re also grateful for an anonymous long-time Brigada reader who sent $60. Because of your gift, Brigada is empowered to keep churning away. Thank you!


Finally, because of this grant from the church in the Middle East, that $79.19 actually has become $158.38, just like magic!