tesolTESOL is a course for aspiring ESL teachers.  Many English speakers working cross-culturally find that teaching ESL can provide a wonderful door of opportunity, but speaking English in itself does not make them skillful teachers. TESOL is a four-week course designed to develop the necessary teaching skills. This TESOL course will be offered in Indonesia by a mobile teaching team working with a local organization to establish an ongoing ESL program in that location, but the TESOL course is open to all aspiring ESL teachers and current ESL teachers who want more training, wherever they plan to teach.  Two advantages of this course are the hands-on teaching experience gained by working with the concurrent ESL class, and the exposure to cross-cultural living and teaching in an Asian culture. TESOL classes are being offered Feb 15 – Mar 12, and again Mar 22 – Apr 16, 2010. For course details and contact information, please see