prayerFor some time now, I’ve been fascinated by the effect of prayer on the body of Christ. Not only is God at work, answering the prayers of saints to raise up new workers, heal the sick, and mend hearts of the broken, but in addition to all that, prayer changes the hearts of the goers and senders. It *involves* us in the work to the extent that we can “walk the world,” even if we aren’t physically able to leave the city limits.

So here’s a friend in North Africa who wants to stage a 24-hour prayer initiative with his team and friends back home. His question is simple: What online tools could help them combine their efforts to…

  • Show which time slots are filled
  • Allow people to sign up for empty time slots
  • Email, SMS, or Twitter someone just before it’s his/her turn to pray
  • Let people post prayer petitions and praises
  • Allow user accounts to be created and administrated

Got any helps? If so, click on “comment” below. The worker will use a VPN to read them directly from Brigada’s website. Thanks for any help you can give!