:-) One good friend of Brigada catchuprecently wrote, “Instead of going by the date of what issue it should be and trying to ‘catch up,’ it seems better to simply use the current date, whatever that is. It’s kind of like God’s grace. He doesn’t expect us to dig ourselves out of a hole, but gives a fresh start. I can think of several advantages to this. The news is clearly ‘fresh’ news and I think it would be less confusing for readers.  For example, if you say you ‘just got back’ from something, or if you announce a seminar to take place ‘next month,’ readers would know it’s in relation to today’s date, not the issue date. Thanks for keeping the info coming.” She makes a good point. But wouldn’t life just be cleaner if we could say, “There’s a Brigada Today filed for every single week that has ever occurred since January 1995.” Wouldn’t that be cool? Got an opinion? Just click on “Comment” below… and while you’re commenting, we’ll be trying to catch up. :-) So maybe soon, the whole discussion will be irrelevant anyway? :-) Either way, see the new tag line that tells both the “official” publication date and the “unofficial” production date. Does that help at all?

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