stopspamLong-time friends of Brigada Today will notice a change in format beginning with this issue. The titles are obviously no longer in all upper case. We’ve made this change due to the news that, apparently, this practice is so common to spammers that some spam filters now search for text in all upper case, relegating those emails to spam folders. Forgive us if this change is an inconvenience, but we judged that we’d better shift formats for the benefit of those who might be losing the entire issue. In addition, beginning with today’s issue, we no longer created hard carriage returns at the end of each line of each item. We began this practice back in the day when certain email clients didn’t quite know how to deal with paragraphs of text and had dutifully kept the practice up until a Brigada reader recently requested that it be dropped. Upon researching his request, we realized that the practice no longer seems relevant, since all modern readers now seem up to the challenge. If either of these changes causes a problem for you, please log use the comment line immediately below and let us know. We hope it makes life easier for John and many others. Effective immediately, when submitting new items for use in Brigada Today, please cease using upper case in the title of the item.