Day: May 3, 2009

1) Woooo-hooooo! We’re finally in May!

Please be patient! We might be behind, but we’re undaunted! :-) Be sure and check out the newly refreshed site here at Check out an item and leave a comment or two. Click on the new “Archives (Yr/Mo)”...

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2) Talking Bibles Int’l’s New Website

You will want to visit This new website is easy to use. Learn everything you want to know about the Talking Bible. Enjoy the testimonials and pictures. Read Harvey’s blogs.  Go to “Listen” for free Bible...

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3) Kids’ Missions Participation Badges

Recognize your kids’ accomplishments in missions with missions participation badges. WMU has several badges available, including “I Met a Missionary,” “Prayerwalking,” “Telling about...

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5) Missionary Coach Shares Lessons Learned

Likewise, hats off to Gary Collins for sharing lots of key principles so unselfishly at… You can read newsletters on “Building Better Teams,” “Getting Through...

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7) People-Raising on FaceBook

Now you have the opportunity to learn more than ever on how to raise support as Bill Dillon, President of People Raising shares practical advice from over 35 years of fund raising experience in his brand new People Raising...

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8) We’re Grateful…

…for a $20 gift this past week from Harvey at Thanks Harvey!!!

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9) Get Your Item at the Front of the Line

Want your item to be seen *first*, at the top of the list in Brigada? We publish all the items we receive, however, those who pitch in to help cover Brigada’s expenses are treated with special dignity — because...

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11) Closing Stuff

DISCLAIMER — We can’t screen ’em all. Please forgive us if aparticular site contains offensive information — or no information at all! We try to visit them in advance, but often write “on the...

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