Month: May 2009

4) Forgetting To Use God’s Gift

Internet Evangelism Day argues that using popular culture as a starting point in evangelism is an often-forgotten tool for evangelism, including the non-western world:...

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5) Change In Format For Emailed Brigada Today

Long-time friends of Brigada Today will notice a change in format beginning with this issue. The titles are obviously no longer in all upper case. We’ve made this change due to the news that, apparently, this practice is...

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8) Grateful For Partners

This past week, ISA sent $53.54 as a way of thanking us for getting the word out about their great insurance policies for travel, health, and life. Thanks ISA! See their info at: In...

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10) The Backpage: How Do We Best Cheer On Teammates?

Two weeks ago (in the May 17th BackPage [link opens new window]), we asked how we could adequately say thanks to financial supporters: Those who make possible the work we do. Today we face a different question, prompted again by...

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11) Closing Stuff

Disclaimer — We can’t screen ‘em all. Please forgive us if a particular site contains offensive information — or no information at all! We try to visit them in advance, but often write “on the road” so we simply can’t preview...

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