kingdoncomeWe hear great things from Kingdom Come Training (in support-raising). So far in 2009 just over 100 missionaries from 21 agencies have enrolled in training, coaching and accountability with Kingdom Come Training. Most are now on track to achieve their full funding in less than ten months.  Compared to the average time it currently takes missionaries to raise full support, this saves more than two years for each missionary. Six of them have completed their full funding in five months or less. About 75% of their face-to-face presentations result in monthly support.  One missionary, who has gone from zero to 60% in four months, reports that about 90% of his presentations result in monthly support.  The training is done with live, interactive video. KCT now enrolls people from anywhere in the world who have adequate high speed internet. Check out their website:

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(And thanks so much for the $25 gift that Kingdom Come sent to Brigada last week! As a small way of saying thanks, we bumped their item to the front of the line.)