For those who experienced events spawned by the AD2000 & Beyond Movement, we are now nearly ten years removed. (AD2000 & Beyond decommissioned itself intentionally at the close of the decade.) Maybe it’s a good time to again assess the success of the effort. I can definitely tell you that there was a surge of momentum, but the question is, did the momentum help you in your projects and your mobilization? Certainly, there was more press for the 10/40 Window and the world’s unreached peoples. Do you feel that this paradigm still works for you? … or have you pretty much laid aside the whole 10/40 Window model anyway? The newest kids on the block are Community Health Evangelism (CHE), Storying (Orality), and wholistic ministry. How have you meshed these ideas with unreached peoples. Is your organization still even focusing on the concept of unreached peoples? … or have you embraced another model? We’d love hearing the truth. Feel free to speak anonymously if you desire. Just click the word “Comment” under this item as it appears on the web. Let us know what’s happening in your neck of the woods. And thanks in advance for responding!


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