This past week, a worker in India wrote to inquire, “Might it be good to run Brigada off of Facebook?” He explained, “I am just experimenting with that for my India email group. I was able to upload my email list in Facebook and it automatically found existing members/friends. Plus, I can invite non members to join also who are on my email list. And I have an email group on Facebook that I use to email a newsletter to members/friends. Then they receive the email and it is also in Facebook. I will still probably use the regular email list too as a secondary system and for those who don’t sign up for Facebook. The possible advantages are interactions between members and less chance of losing track of members. If someone’s email changes then hopefully they will update it on Facebook and that would allow me to maintain contact with them. Whereas, many times in the past people who wanted my email forgot to tell me that their email changed, hence, they were removed from my list.” What do you think? Would such a version be helpful… or unnecessary… or weird? :-) We already send Brigada via GoogleGroups and YahooGroups (you get to choose which service you want), plus we archive it on the web. Should we add a fourth version? Please jot your opinion by clicking on “Comment” below the web version of this item.