2008 was the year we finally switched formats… from the text-heavy web page, more-or-less built with simple HTML code, to the more graphical and tool-assisted format you find now at…


(If you haven’t stopped by lately, please do check it out. We think you’ll like what we’ve done to the place.) Never mind that our experiment was unsuccessful — Brigada subscribers didn’t want graphics and links inside the *email* version. We learned the hard way they just wanted the facts, thank you. :-) Along about the May 18th edition…


we evidently hit the sweet spot… so that the email version served as a wake-up call that the web-page version was posted. Many users began looking at Brigada via the web site at that time, due to the fact that they could finally…
*** Access Brigada items by topic rather than just by date
*** Click on links in items and immediately go to the referred sites
*** Comment directly on items in real-time rather than wait 2 weeks
*** Make completely *anonymous* comments
*** See comments immediately, rather than wait 2 weeks for compilations
*** Visualize items like book covers, pictures of resources, maps, etc.

So was it a pleasant switch? To some, “not so much.” (To some, change is never pleasant anyway.) Was it needed? Definitely. Are we glad we shifted, even though it’s actually *more* work now rather than less? By all means. We had been asked for tagging for just too many years.