Month: September 2008

2008/09/28 — Brigada Today

“Brigada: Since 1995… Buckets full of Resources, Trends, Challenges — all in a weekly e-zine & website…”Compiled by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion, Louisville, KY(Thanks for your patience as we...

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4) Evangelistic English Freeware

The extremely popular website currently downloading at the rate of 900G per month. You can add a free version of this English course to your own website to increase both your website traffic and...

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5) Missions Info Just for Kids

You can have current missions info for your children’s missions groups, AWANAS, home school support group, etc. with BGR to GO for Kids. Read about how human needs are being met around the world as well as how KIDS can get...

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6) Training Program For Literacy Evangelism

Literacy and Evangelism International is hosting a five-week International Literacy Training Institute from June 14 to July 18, 2009 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Topics include Basic Literacy, developing Bible-content literacy materials...

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8) Skip Skype?

We continue to follow the stories about the alleged compromise of Skype as a secure means of communication. See, for example, that if one were to use a Virtual...

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9) Pray For The Mbalantu Of Namibia

Excitement is the only word to describe what is about to happen in northwest Namibia. In April and May you prayed for an association leader from Texas as he visited this part of Namibia to investigate the possibility of his...

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