In August, SVM2

sponsored the ‘GO Summit’ for mobilizers in Boston to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first student missions society in North America. The Society of the Brethren was formed at Williams College in 1808 and two years later another was formed at Andover Seminary in Boston. It was from this society that the first mission organization, the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, was formed in 1810 and from which the first foreign missionaries were ordained and sent out in 1812.
In August of 2008, The GO Summit was convened to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Brethren and to discuss student mobilization in our generation. During the three days of the Summit, 33 mobilizers from multiple CCCU campuses, sending organizations and neutral mobilization organizations gathered to pray and fellowship together. While visiting several historical sites in the Boston area, each mobilizer left refreshed, inspired and challenged to go after a mission movement in our generation. More info can be found at