Have you been noticing lately just how much attention *storytelling* is receiving? We’ve always known that Jesus enjoyed teaching through stories or parables. As a kid, we found that stories were the stuff we remembered, not lectures. So in some ways, “storying” isn’t new at all. But think about it — there have probably been more resources aimed at Bible storytelling over the past 25 years than there had been in the 18 centuries prior.

Why this rebirth? Why the new emphasis on the old-fashioned medium? Do you think storying is a fad that will enjoy a cycle of renewal, then ebb and flow, like a fad? … or do you think this awakening is here to stay? Are you utilizing storytelling in your own ministry? Have you personally seen its effectiveness? If so, please tell a story or two about your stories! (I’m serious.) Also, if you have a favorite resource (web page, book, organization, etc.), please list it below. Just click on “Comment”. Help others get a head start on this approach that perhaps took a while for you to grasp. Mention a couple of general principles that you would encourage others to follow. It’s free… and totally anonymous to participate. Just click “Comment”, below.