Month: June 2008

8) Thanks For Making Brigada Happen

Thanks much to the participants in Bay Shore and Columbus for each donating $25 toward Brigada! We appreciate you! Thanks for encouraging us on in this work! One wrote, “I just got back from a mission trip to St Vincent,...

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9) Build Brigada’s Platform

Do you like what you see at these days? If so, please help us build our *real* home. Make a simple one-time gift of any amount you choose. Check out the picture at the top of this page to see our new “home...

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10) The Backpage: True Coaching

Our organization (Team Expansion) is in the midst of a deep study that, among other things, is seeking to learn more about mentoring. In particular, one of the factors we’re trying to discern is how to teach our leaders to...

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11) Closing Stuff

DISCLAIMER — We can’t screen ’em all. Please forgive us if aparticular site contains offensive information — or no information atall! We *try* to visit them in advance, but often write “on the...

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June 1st Brigada Today

Compiled by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion, Louisville, KY(Yes, we’re behind; but we’ll catch up soon. :-) )(See your subscription information at the end under “Closing Stuff.”)At, comment on any...

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1) Look At The World’s Peoples Via A *Tree* View

That’s what you can do now at: Makes me want to shake my head. And all this is compiled dynamically, via database, so the changes they make in one list will be reflected in...

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4) Catch The "Don’t Waste Your Life" Video

It’s available for free at: the way, that guy you see talking is Dan Scribner, the point man behind That’s what I want to be like when I grow...

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6) What Do You Look For In A Missions Agency?

That’s Steve’s question. He’s setting up a website to allow people “to easily compare the distinctives of missions sending organisations on about 20 dimensions including funding model, attitude to local...

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7) Data Downloads Galore At Joshua Project

It had been a while since I visited Joshua Project’s data downloads. I think last time, they had about 5 or 10 items. Yikes. Visit …’ll be *shocked*. Now they have...

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8) Catastrphoic Health Insurance

One way to beat increased insurance rates is to choose “catastrophic” health insurance coverage. Good Neighbor Insurance represents five international health insurance companies and thus can suggest multiple plans...

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9) Catch The Unreached People Of The Day

I love this site… about a different unreached group every day. Check out the “month-at-a-glance view.” Learn about ways you can use the material from the site for free...

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