This past week, a few of us began reflecting on the likelihood that many organizations, churches, and movements will set goals for “2020” (the year, not the eyesight). We recognized that with the chance of capturing an entirely new decade of special missions emphasis, it might be possible to cover a lot of new mobilization ground. But we also wondered about the advisability of relying on these kinds of mileposts. Some have said they felt the proverbial “air go out of the [mobilization] balloon” when Dec. 31, 2000, came and went. Some observed that we did *not* succeed in establishing “a church for every people and the gospel for every person by the year 2000.” Others concluded that we definitely covered more ground than we had ever covered in recent years. Shew! What’s a body to do?

What’s your opinion? Please speak out by clicking on “Comment” below. If your organization or church is planning such an emphasis, tell us about it and, if possible, provide a link so we can see your plan. If you have reservations about setting such mobilization goals, speak out. Thanks.

* Thanks to Cornerstone Adventist Church for the 2020 artwork.