Want to donate to Brigada or sponsor an issue? Just click the PayPal button at left to donate via PayPal, Mastercard or Visa. If you’d prefer not to use an online payment service, you can also simply mail a check to:
Team Expansion (Brigada)
13711 Willow Reed Dr.
Louisville, KY 40299

Note: If you’d like a tax-deductible receipt, please mail your check and make your check payable to “Team Expansion.”

So far in 2008, our year to date gifts/sponsorships total $4972.59.

But our needs in 2008 total $17,150. (That’s all — no more.)

(These funds go toward fuel for the Brigada missions fire, along with the costs of our website, secretarial help, and promoting missions. Each month, sponsors like those below are given the opportunity to “renew.” Those who are unable to do so will then “scroll off” the end of this list.)

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