What tool(s) do you use to keep track of sermon and lesson illustrations? I use InfoSelect as a “grass-catcher” program, to keep track of all those random items that I don’t know where else to store. It’s loosely organized enough to remember everything yet let me find it instantly, using any “text search” (like Google) or title or scripture. It also has a companion program for Palm that gives me a “to go” version of what’s on my laptop. Yes, it’s steep; but it works and always syncs. InfoSelect allows you to set up different “databases”, any number of which can be sync’d to Palm. I keep a mongo “database” that is not sync’d to Palm. But I sync databases called
  • Stories
  • Songs
  • Misc
  • 24

“Stories” are all my illustrations — Personal experiences, as well as illustrations that others tell. “Songs” help remind me of good worship songs that I want to recall. “Misc” are just generic reminders of people, facts and figures. And, well, “24” gives the minute by minute plot of each episode in the “24” series (Jack Bauer) down through all 6 seasons. :-)

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