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2008 year to date gifts/sponsorships = $4792.59

Needed in 2008 = $17,150

2004 total = $9,384.79; 2005 total = $10,952.28; 2006 total = $15,096 of 16,650; 2007 total = $14,218.90 of $17,150

(These funds go toward fuel for the Brigada missions fire, along with the costs of our website, secretarial help, and promoting missions. Each month, sponsors like those below are given the opportunity to “renew.” Those who are unable to do so will then “scroll off” the end of this list.)

(This line could be dedicated to your organization, church company, or family for the next 12 months!)


Small Cloud is the teaching, writing, and prayer ministry of Ed Kleiman. Ed connects scripture and prayer with the goal of helping participants grow a deeply intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
Learn more about them at http://www.praybold.org/
Thanks to Small Cloud Ministries for helping get this issue of Brigada out the door — by sending $50. Thanks for your help, Ed!!! 4/18/2008 OUR HEARTS GO OUT… — .. to Blessed Hope Communications, for the
$16.80 they sent this past month as a gift in recognition of those who
talked on Blessed Hope phone accounts. If you have to arrange long
distance service with someone anyway, why not consider Blessed Hope. It
won’t cost you any more — and you might actually *save* money, because
their rates are so competitive. Just browse to:


Thanks, too, to Insurance Services of America for protecting recent
travelers during their trips, which resulted in nice thank-you gifts of
$18 and $14.81 to Brigada, simply because they purchased their trip
cancellation protection by going to:


[For a complete list of donors from the past 12 months, go to