It’s time for some spring cleaning! :-) Actually, it’s long over-due. With this issue of Brigada, we switch to more of a “Web 2.0” approach, inviting your input on each and every item. Now you can become a direct contributor to Brigada through your comments and clarifications to each and every item. Our Brigada “cloud” will be more powerful than anything previously imaginable!

As always, we’ll provide a “table of contents” to each issue. Here’s the T.O.C. for this one:

We’ll continue to provide Brigada on a weekly basis (well — I did say we’ll try :-) ) and Brigada will continue to be free of charge for users all over the world. But you continue to have the opportunity to give to make it possible. (See “Thanks to Those who Pay the Bills!” below if you’d like to help sponsor an issue… or make a donation of $500 — or $50, the choice is yours.)

Thanks for being part of the Brigada family… now more colorful than ever!

Doug Lucas
Team Expansion

PS. Got feedback? We’d love to hear it. Just click “Comments” below and go to town!