This past week, I accompanied one of our overseas workers to an appointment with a foundation. The goal, of course, is that the foundation would consider granting a large sum to the overseas team. This was actually my first time to meet with a grant administrator and CEO of a foundation. I’ll admit — I was clueless. I have a feeling there are many experts out there that have tapped into these grants in the past. The question is — will they reveal some of their secrets so we can mentor one another on how to approach foundations.

I’ll give you an example: This grant administrator & CEO said that typically, grant administrators would be searching for 3 or 4 key issues:

  • Does the applicant sync with our foundation’s “mission”?
  • Does the applicant have the capacity to apply the funding to accomplish the mission?
  • Is there sufficient infrastructure to support long-term sustainability
  • (I forget the fourth item :-) )

If you have a resource… of if you have learned some life lessons on how to apply for grants, click on “comments” below. Teach us. :-) It appears that there are plenty of foundations out there. Besides, there shouldn’t be competition among lighthouses, right? :-) Got a web URL from which you learned? A great class? The one I keep hearing about is that I.U. School of Philanthropy. (A gal on staff with our office took that one and really liked it.) Where do you recommend going to drink in knowlege? Many folks say — just visit the local public library. Where would you send us? Thanks for any help you can give.