We’ve already mentioned ooVoo, a web service offering free web-to-web voice- over-IP (free phone calls from your computer to any other computer in the world ). Now, in celebration of a recent upgrade, ooVoo is offering free unlimited phone calls (well, actually 3000 minutes) to the USA and Canada until mid-June. Instead of phone to phone, it’s web-to-phone (like “Skype-out”). Call your grandmother and watch her favorite movie with her while you laugh online together at the funny parts, just like you used to. Wrap up your work, go home at night, and play chess with your old high school sweetheart — online! Better hurry though: the free calling program ends June 15th, at which time it will resemble “Skype out.” ooVoo also offers free video-conferencing over the web with up to 5 friends. You can even record five minute web-conferences and turn them into teaching lessons or whatever you want. Check it out today — it’s Brigada’s “best deal of the week on the web”: