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  1. CORRECT DATES FOR FORUM ON UNREACHED AZERBAIJANI — Earlier, we mentioned a North American Azerbaijani Network that is hosting a forum on gateway Azerbaijani people of Azerbaijan and Iran. The correct dates for the forum are Apr. 24-26 (not 24-28 as previously announced). The location is Colorado Springs, Colorado. For more information email azpartnership(at)galacticomm

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  2. SOURCE FOR FREE CHRISTIAN AUDIO BOOKS — Classic Christian books by writers including E.M Bounds, G.K Chesterton (and, Brigada participant, Charliy recently noted, “even a few who don’t use initials” :-) ) are available as audio book downloads for free. Start the year with “The Practice of the Presence of God” in your iPod by going to

    (Thanks for the tip, Charliy! Cool name, too.)


    for the latest input on topics and questions such as polygamy, how to determine one’s calling, civil disobedience, moral behavior resources, and more! There have been some excellent pieces there. It’s truly a tribute to the high caliber of readership we have for Brigada Today. Thanks for participating!

  4. GET PERSPECTIVES IN 2008! — Do you need missions education credit before you can begin your missionary service? The Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course may be your answer as it covers the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic basis for missions. ICM (International Christian Ministries) offers the course on-line for certificate, undergraduate, or graduate credit. Check out

    for more information and to sign up, or email info(at)icmusa

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  5. FREE SPAM BLOCKER — Thanks much to Brigada participant, Lloyd, who tipped us off to Lloyd, for his part, is an emergency manager for a city. And we *really* appreciate him referring us to mail- filter which, according to Lloyd, is not only free but also very effective. Check it out at…

    Lloyd says one can set up multiple accounts, and that the offending spam can be viewed on the web. Good find, Lloyd!

  6. PHONE CARDS/SERVICES ON THE CHEAP — Lloyd also referred us to


    where, he said, “visitors can obtain low cost calling cards and other communications products. Brigada readers who wish to have their commissions refunded may contact the vendor through either web site or email the author at kc5fm(dot)brigada(at)mail-filter

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  7. VIDEO SESSIONS OF WEB MINISTRY CONFERENCE — Seven of the web evangelism seminars from the September 07 Web Ministry Conference are now online (using an innovative system which displays the PowerPoint or screen content that the participants saw, as well as the speaker):

    with some additional sessions available in audio only:

    Of particular interest to the mission world is the video session ‘The Edges of Cyberspace’ which looks at the huge potential of digital evangelism for the non-western world in the coming few years. With the ‘Next Billion’ web users coming online very soon (mainly in the 10-40 Window), and 3.3 billion people already using mobile devices, now is the time for mission agencies to look again at how they can use the Web, video and audio, mobile devices, and Internet Cafes:

    (Thanks Tony!)

  8. THAT NEW MISSIONS TEXTBOOK… — We mentioned earlier a new missions textbook that teaches a proper perspective on Muslims. The authors are actually not “Charles Gailey and Charles Gailey” (oops! sleep- keyboarding! [blush]). We should have said that “Discovering Missions” is by Charles Gailey and Howard Culbertson, who was mentioned later in the item. As mentioned previously, the book is available at discount prices on such sites as (Thanks to Andy for catching our mix-up all the way from Papua New Guinea; and to Bob, who regularly offices in the cubicle next to me! :-) )

  9. FURTHER READING ON CHINESE BIBLE PRINTING — Interested in further follow-up on that mention we made of printing Bibles in China? Brigada participant Andrew pointed us to a BBC article:

    Another Brigada participant, Martin, reflected on a Chinese pastor he had visited just a few months ago. Apparently the Chinese government itself has given him money to build what will become “China’s largest church (holding 8000 inc 2500 Bible College students).” Martin has seen with his own eyes the foundations of the perimeter wall. It happens that this pastor and his team have produced all the Bible documents on

    Martin mused, “I don’t yet fully understand the intentions of Beijing or the leaders of this work. I await guidance and pray a lot.” Let’s join him.

  10. NEW BOOK UNWRAPS LATIN AMERICA — “From Rio to the Rio Grande: Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America,” is a book by Kenneth D. MacHarg. It’s $16.25 and is available by calling toll free 1(800)247- 6553 in the USA or from as well as through local bookstores. Readers tell us that it does a good job at revealing the way Latins tick.

  11. CENTRAL ASIAN SCHOOL SEEKS STAFF — Kazakhstan International School is a non-profit school that seeks to train up the next generations of leaders for Central Asia. The school is a “secular” school but the staff are strong, Spirit-filled believers who regularly work with students whose families come from 32 countries, many of them Muslim. They are looking for short and long term Christian teachers to share their lives with these young people and their families. Learn more at

  12. WE’RE THANKFUL! GOD BE PRAISED! — Praise the Lord for these partners who have stepped up to the plate to help us connect the dots in 2007:

    $50 from a brother in Tulsa, OK, helping launch the Network of Azerbaijani Partnerships. This is a network of partnerships in several countries that work among and advocate for the 40 million unreached Azerbaijani people predominately in Azerbaijan, Iran, and Iraq, but also in smaller numbers in other countries in Central Asia, plus the UK and the US. Please take a moment right now to lift up the Azerbaijani people and this consortium of partnerships. Give praise that they’re hooking up and ask God to bless those who are trying to pull them all together.

    $50 from a partner in Minnesota $100 with love from some anonymous YWAMers who work in Vietnam; “God bless you richly for all you do on behalf of the unreached!”

    $25 from a partner in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

    $25 from Washington Injury Lawyers, and

    $25 from Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyers, (Please give thanks tonight for these attorneys who are setting about to use their gifts & skills for God’s glory!)

    $216 from a worker in StoryRunners, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ using oral methods to reach Unreached People Groups. They wrote, “Thanks so much for your ongoing ministry to the missions community! I read your Brigada regularly and have benefited from it greatly! May the Lord meet ALL your needs and keep the Brigada flame bright!” Please pause tonight to lift up this innovative form of gospel outreach.

    $25 from a family headed soon to Zambia. They wrote, “I’ve been a Sr. pastor for the last 13 years here in Illinois; my wife and I are departing on Jan 10 to serve with Action International Ministries in Lusaka, Zambia. I will be involved in pastoral leadership development and my wife will be involved with pastor’s wives and children’s ministries. If the Lord would keep us in good health we hope to spend the next ten years serving the church in Africa. We are both 56. Your weekly email has proved helpful on several occasions as we have been preparing for missions. In fact, it is the only subscription email that I am keeping as we make the move. Thank you for your service to us.” Whoa. Sobering and encouraging. Please lift them up tonight.

    $25 from a worker at Global Mapping in Colorado

    $50 from a friend in Perry Hall, MD

    $100 from a new friend in Texas

    $50 from Honey Brook, PA

    $50 from Columbia, SC

    $25 from Orlando, FL

    $100 from an individual at CAL Berkeley

    We’re so thankful for these dear friends and partners. Thank you Lord!

  13. WOULD YOU BE ONE OF THE 76 PARTNERS STILL NEEDED IN 2007? — Now you can give directly from your bank account, without having to go through PayPal or a credit card. Just log on to

    Click on “Resources” then “Donate” and follow the instructions. Be sure to note that the gift is for Brigada.

    Now we only need 76 more people, groups, or churches to step up to the plate. Unfortunately, only 2 more days remain in 2007. Would you be one of those 76??? If you *can’t* give, would you be willing to ask someone who might – or at least pray for someone else to step out? We still need just *one* courageous soul to give $1000 and 2 to give $500, in order to meet our 2007 needs. Here are the gifts we still need to raise in order to meet those 2007 ministry needs:

    1 (of 1) more gift of $1000

    2 (of 5) more gifts of $500

    8 (of 10) more gifts of $250

    0 (of 13) more gifts of $100

    15 (of 28) more gifts of $50

    50 (of 70) more gifts of $25

    You can pull the money from your PayPal account or from any major credit card. Or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. And thank you in advance for helping.

  14. THE BACKPAGE: THE STORY OF LETUNIN AND NGOTO — Yesterday we received this note from Dorothea, who served in East Africa. She wrote, “We had to fix lots of flat tires in the desert. On one such stop we came upon an extraordinary Samburu couple, Letunin and Ngoto. While my husband Jim changed the tire and our three children played in the sand, Letunin told us this of his life story.

    Letunin and Ngoto lived far out in a desert village and understood only a few portions of Scripture that had been translated into a related language. They had become followers of Christ and were extremely happy to be married to another person who shared deep faith in Christ. Among other life lessons, they had learned of the Apostle Paul’s instructions on marriage in I Corinthians 7, telling each man and woman to have his/her own husband. (“Let each man have his own wife, and let each woman have her own husband.”) So, as a young married couple they had vowed to follow God’s Word in this area. Letunin would not take a second wife, though most of his friends had multiple wives as soon as they could afford to feed them.

    The village people regularly laughed at this long-married couple and reminded them that because Ngoto was barren she was obviously cursed by God. It seemed obvious that Letunin should take a second wife. The women told Ngoto, “If you really loved your husband you would INSIST he take a second wife so you will have someone to take care of your camels and goats when both of you are old.” Ngoto always replied that God had the power to give them a child. The women laughed out loud at Ngoto’s non- traditional notions.

    The elders called Letunan foolish and kept urging him to take a second wife. They called Ngoto “useless.” But Letunan always answered from God’s Word, saying that each man should have his own wife (singular) and each woman her own husband (singular). The couple became the laughingstock of the entire village and amongst the larger people group.

    One morning God turned the tables. Laughter erupted from Letunan and Ngoto’s house, drawing crowds of villagers. Perhaps the couple had gone insane from years of being childless? No. Letunan came out and announced, “Ngoto is pregnant. God has the power to answer prayer. Trust Him. He can do the impossible!”

    They named the child the Samburu word for “Laughter.” It reminded them of all the years people had laughed at them, and of their belief in God’s Word. It also reminded them of the joyous laughter God brought into their lives that day.

    If you ever get the opportunity to visit this small East African village, you will find a growing Samburu church, with many Christians trying to obey what they understand of God’s Word. Many began following Christ because of Letunan and Ngoto. God used this one couple and their adherence to His Word to start a God-honoring group of Christ-followers out in the desert.

    Letunan and Ngoto stand as examples to me and to you. Follow God’s Word against all odds. He always has the power to turn situations around to bring glory to Himself.

    I have also wondered about the latter half of that chapter, which talks about remaining in the state you are when you become a follower of Christ. Could this apply to polygamy, too? Good question for Bible scholars.”

    Hats off to Dorothea for sharing this very poignant example of how difficult it is to implement life-change when gospel confronts culture. Her comments gave me further pause not only on the question of polygamy and how to handle the gospel impacting a culture. But her note also reminded me of the collective experience of the entire Brigada family. I’m so thankful for all the people who make up our collective consciousness and I give thanks to Go for the group-think that can occur when we process these questions together.

    “God, please bless Letunin and Ngoto and the rest of their congregation tonight. Please meet their needs, keep them from sickness, and give them wisdom as they try to sort out your will in every single area of their faith-walk with you. Guide them and keep them close to you. In Jesus’ name we all pray, Amen.”