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  1. COMPLETELY FLOORED BY YOUR GENEROSITY — I want to be perfectly honest: I am completely humbled… even *floored* by your generosity, compassion and love! This past week brought us *significantly* closer to our goal of paying for a Brigada Secretary — to help us stay “up to date” and “in the air” for the long haul, churning out resources and mobilization ideas in Brigada Today. One anonymous donor gave [drum roll please] $5000. (That’s five *thousand* dollars.) He had nothing to sell, declined to feature his own work, and even declined a receipt for a tax deduction! I *will* tell you that he is indeed involved in Christian outreach, but his mission work takes place in a sensitive land. Perhaps you can identify… he wanted to help, but didn’t do it for any personal reward. It was totally an unselfish act, to try to help us get the word out regularly. He wrote, “Thank you for your faithfulness in serving the missions community through Brigada. … I have sent a $5,000.00 contribution toward your secretary. I clearly remember the days when I wished I had one and didn’t have the resources. Please keep this anonymous. Our mission is much better performed when only God knows who we are. You have been faithful to God and God is always faithful to you. We are simply thankful to bring this cup of cool water to your door.” Whoa. That’s quite a swig! :-) I’ll admit, when I first read the note, I figured it was one of those Internet scams. Then seconds later, I saw the PayPal notice that $5000 had been deposited in our PayPal account. Suddenly, weekly Brigada Todays started passing through my mind, … all the way back to January of 1995. Suddenly I realized there really *are* some people out there reading this stuff, and maybe some who are actually *using* it.
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  3. OTHER SPONSORS THIS PAST WEEK — John Walton writes, “Here’s $25 with thanks to the 5 Brigada readers who bought a copy of The Toolbox for Video Storytelling during the month of October. John keeps his word. Don’t forget, if you need a good book on producing videos for your church or mission — John is making good on his promise to donate $5 for each copy sold. Learn more at: Thanks, too, to our new friends at Wilcannia, NSW, Australia, who minister to Australian Aborigines. We appreciate their sponsorship of $25! They have seen in the last 6 years 39% of their town turn to Christ. Learn more at Thanks to these new Brigada sponsors!

  4. BLESSED HOPE LONG DISTANCE GIVES *MONTHLY* HOPE — Now you can help create a *monthly* income for the Brigada secretary and save money at the same time! Through a partnership with Blessed Hope Long Distance, Brigada will begin earning a significant commission each and every month on all the long distance bills of those who subscribe to long distance service through this link: 200 new customers would provide about $200 extra dollars each and every month. 1000 customers might just about pay for the secretary! This is a great domestic plan and the state-to-state rate (in the contiguous U.S.) is 4.9 cents/minute with 6-second billing, NO fees and NO minimums. You can find your instate rate and international rates at the website. Blessed Hope is a Christian-owned company so you’ll also know your dollars are not going to fund what some feel are ungodly and anti- family causes of larger secular long distance providers. Our agents for this program, Neil & Darla Sautter, are the missions-minded parents of five who are building their Blessed Hope business as a way of becoming self-supporting so they themselves can return to overseas ministry in the future. Neil would like to be a TESOL teacher in China, Japan or Spain, should the Lord so lead. (Thanks Blessed Hope!)

  5. NATIONAL MISSIONARY TRAINING FORUM — Here’s a course that… I’ll have to admit… looks *great*. “Outstanding Practices in Mission Training” is the theme for the Forum from January 15-17, 2004, in Richmond, VA , at the IMB’s Missionary Learning Center. NMTF is a gathering of mission trainers from agencies, church, and schools (over 140 people from 60 organizations attended in 2003). There will be 14 workshops profiling “outstanding practices.” Participants will interact with practitioners, learning together how to make mission training more effective. There are three “pre-Forum” sessions so that trainers can get training, including: Church Planting Movements (Training for Trainers), Leadership Encounter with Jesus, and Situational Leadership II. To learn more as well as register, go to:

  6. CONTACTING MISSIONARIES — Do you want to find missionaries for missions promotion only to be blocked by missions agencies concerned about security? has 576 teams of missionaries online. In fact, boasts of having every missionary team Web site in the world. These are not individual missionary family Webs, but instead, you’ll find online the way that missionaries *prefer* to be contacted. That way you can dialog with the personnel who are working in some very difficult places, not just the easy-to-reach field personnel. is a mixture of many different agencies, too. Individual Web sites are frequently a coalition of many cooperating missions groups that pool their efforts to present the material you see online. You can send emails or letters to teams who will be happy to see that you receive a reply in a timely manner.

  7. RETHINKING BIBLICAL WITNESS AMONG HINDUS — From January 2-4, 2004, the Rethinking Forum is sponsoring a conference on the Hindu-Christian interface from the perspective of the Rethinking Movement in Indian church history. Friday will focus on the work and witness of individuals past and present while Saturday will be a seminar on practical perspectives and concerns in ministry. The Chicago area conference will close by lunch on Sunday following a worship service. For more information contact Jamie

  8. FINISHERS CANADA FORUM — The first forum of Finishers Canada is being held Saturday November 22nd at Tyndale College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Speakers include Nelson Annan, Dave Toycen and Dave Mannings. Participants may choose between 5 seminars during the day. Further information, costs and registration information are available from (or 519-763-6147). They’re also working on a website at though at press time it still returned a “The page cannot be displayed” error.

  9. FOLDING DISPLAYS? — I’m in the thick of trying to purchase a folding display. I must confess, I sometimes go through phases where I ask myself, where did we ever come up with this display thing, anyway? I mean… on the one hand, it seems like few church members actually really *look* at these things up close. Yet a decently designed portable “lit” display seems inevitably to cost hundreds of dollars. Either way, it seems like part of the “missions fair” culture is to ask us to all come with “nimlocks-in-hand”. Yikes. I’ve scouted some sites, but if you have some good ones … or if you know of the “best price” for a Skyline or a “ShowStyle” or whatever, Mark is willing to take down the URL then assemble a report for us. (Thanks Mark! We appreciate your help. And to those with suggested sources, no need to copy me. Mark will compile the list. Thanks again!)

  10. GLOBALMISSIOLOGY.NET — After years of planning & preparation, – a new quarterly electronic journal is now being launched. The organizers there would like us to spread the word, especially to those who can’t afford subscribing to traditional missiological journal but have internet access.

  11. CRISIS CONSULTING INT’L OFFERS 4-DAY SEMINAR — During the dates of Jan. 26-29, 2004, at the Wycliffe Mobilization Center in Orlando, FL, CCI will offer its Crisis Management Seminar. Training will be provided in the following core areas: Evacuation Management, The Terrorism Threat, Contingency Planning, Policies, Leadership in Emergencies, Strategic Risk Forecasting, Tactical Risk Assessment, and Crisis Management Teams. Registration cost: $495 for the 1st registrant from an organization; $450 for each additional registrant from same organization (includes all meals). For more information, call 805-642- 2549, or email or go to Please let them know you heard about it on Brigada. Thanks!

  12. DOZENS OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE BIBLES NOW IN LOGOS FORMAT — Users of Logos Bible Software can now get dozens of foreign language Bibles for use with their Logos Bible Software Series X libraries. Arabic, Albanian, Maori, Esperanto, Czech, Serbian, Hungarian, Ukrainian and many more are now available. For a complete list visit: Call toll-free from the USA 800-875-6467 or via Net2Phone from elsewhere 360-527-1700 or email your questions to

  13. YWAM CROSSROADS DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING SCHOOL — Youth With A Mission in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA, is offering a 5-month school for adults who are at a crossroads in life, and who are seeking increased intimacy with God, deeper understanding of his character and his ways, a new direction in ministry, or an avenue into cross-cultural missions. They’ll host a lecture phase for 3 months followed by 2 months of overseas short-term mission experience. It all starts April 18, 2004 and is designed for adults age 30 or more and families with children. For more info, see or e-mail for more information.

  14. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL TEACHING OPPORTUNITY — Metro Delhi International School, New Delhi, India, needs teachers for all levels at their K-7 Christian school. MDIS educates international children. It is a great opportunity to serve in this large metropolitan city in North India. For more information contact Paula Mowry at

  15. UNREACHED PEOPLES CONFERENCE — For those interested in reaching the unreached peoples of the 10/40, check out this conference, November 9- 14. The “Revolution” conference is an interdenominational, inter- organizational missions conference. Groups such as New Tribes Missions, Red Sea Team International, Frontiers, YWAM, Operation Mobilization, Calvary International, Wycliffe, the US Center for World Missions and many more will be represented for this “10/40-focused” event. The goal is to get the word out about the needs in the 10/40 Window and to provide a place for those working there to meet and share their experiences. There will be speakers, workshops, booths, and time just to fellowship with those who share a similar heart. The conference will be held in Talladega, Alabama. For cost, registration form and other information check out If you would like more information, contact Jose at 904-221-0114 or email

  16. TURKEY: THE LOST LAND OF THE BIBLE — Dr. Andrew Jackson’s new book, “The Lost Land of the Bible: A Christian Travel and Prayer Guide Through the Ancient Biblical Land of Turkey,” is now available (180 pages). It is the only comprehensive Christian travel and prayer guide available on Turkey. It provides you with up-to-date information for strategic prayer, as well as twelve travel itineraries through Turkey’s eighty-one provinces (including the number of Turkish Christians, churches, and resident workers in each province). It is one of a kind. There is no other book like it. Purchase this book and accompanying wall map from the International Turkey Network by e-mailing (book cost is $9.50 plus postage). (Note that for security’s sake, the *identities* or locations of these brothers and sisters is not provided.)

  17. STUDY ISLAM IN ASIA — The 7th annual Institute Of Islamic Studies will convene April 05 to May 28, 2004, at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio City, Philippines. Earn up to 9 graduate credits. Enroll by full program; course; or, “module” [1 week or more]. Get an Introduction to Islam, Folk Islam & Power Encounter, Learn about Contemporary Issues In Islam, Christian Ministry in Muslim Contexts, Ministry in Urban Contexts (with Dr. Robert Douglas!), Ministry to Muslim Women, Church Planting in Muslim Contexts. Study Approaches to Islam, including Theological Approaches, Contextual Approach (with Dr. Phil Parshall!), and more. For more information, write or call (63)(74) 422-6977 or fax (63)(74) 442-7068. Or see the website for more details, including exact dates. The registration deadline is March 01, 2004.

  18. CHILDREN’S HOME NEEDING WORKERS — The Josiah and Bethany Children’s Home in Reynosa, Mexico is in need of a married couple without children to live with and love four children in a three bedroom apartment at the home. With the original vision stemming from Keith Green, it was named for his two children who died with him in the airplane crash in 1982. Interested applicants can contact Calvary Commission. Call toll-free from the USA or via Net2Phone from elsewhere 1-800.835-4673 or 903-882-5501 or email Or see their site at:

  19. THE MAN FROM GADARA — This book tells the true story of Abdalla, a Muslim student from the historical city of Gadara, where long ago Jesus cast demons into swine. Abdalla finds Jesus and attempts to minister among his own people. But can Abdalla’s new faith survive in this tough environment? Discover how God uses this young man to start planting churches in the heart of the Muslim world. Thrill to the stories of lives that have been transformed by the power of the Gospel. This book offers Christians hope and understanding of how God is planting his church among Muslims. In doing so, he is using people like the Man from Gadara. Special Introductory Offer: $8.00 plus S&H. Paypal or cheque. or email: