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  1. SPECIAL SHORT-TERM MISSIONS ISSUE — Again in this issue, we give thanks to Kenneth Wes for his unstoppable willingness to share sources and resources with us! He contributed several items to this issue. Thanks Ken!

  2. CHECK OUT GLOBAL MISSION.ORG — You’ll want to stop by: There you’ll find… (a) a Global Interactive Calendar of Missions Events (feel free to post your own events); (b) a White Pages (MegaMenu) Directory of Missions Organizations worldwide (if you’re not listed then you should be); (c) a Missions Opportunity Database (that contains over 1,000 long term opportunities); (d) a Short Term Mission Directory (if you have any short term programmes that you want advertised, feel free to post them); and (e) a Mission “Wanted” Bulletin Board (browse this growing list for potential candidates). (Thanks Ken!)

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  4. SEARCHABLE DATABASE OF SHORT-TERM MISSION OPPORTUNITIES — Mission Data International recently rolled out a new website devoted to short- term missions — The website features a fully searchable database of short-term mission opportunities. It provides detailed descriptions & requirements on short-term opportunities from many organizations. also includes in-depth mission agency information, articles, and discussion forums. It is an excellent resource to refer people to. Take a look! Go to and try a search for a 1-2 week short-term opportunity to Latin America for instance. Also, stop by the discussion forums. For more information e-mail .>

  5. TEN EMERGING TRENDS — Remember the article “Short-Term Missions: Ten Emerging Trends” by Seth Barnes, Executive Director of Adventures In Missions? It’s worth pulling out and dusting off again. It first appeared in January 2000 Mission Frontiers. He woke us up to some principles that haven’t gone away. If anything, they’ve *grown*!
    *** FROM YOUTH EVENT TO MISSIONS PROGRAM — Youth pastors tend to be event-oriented. As a consequence, it is easy to fall into the trap of seeing the summer project as just another event. … By mapping it out well in advance, you give students something more to shoot for in each successive year. You set them on a track which results in increased spiritual growth year after year.
    *** GREATER ACCOUNTABILITY FOR FUNDS — … Accountability for funds increases as understanding of where those funds are going grows.
    *** FROM WORK CAMPS TO SHORT-TERM MISSIONS — … In recent years, however, work camps have displaced camps as the “thing to do” among youth groups. Youth leaders are sensing that more entertainment is not what this generation needs. The prescription is a heavy dose of service and teamwork.
    *** FROM FAD TO PHENOMENON — … Here’s a comment you’ll hardly ever hear: “This short-term missions thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’m going back to a steady diet of fun retreats.”
    *** INCREASED EMPHASIS ON PREPARATION — One knock against short-term missions project is that students often have little appreciation for the complex issues they face when they go overseas. The best way to beat this rap is by enhancing the caliber of the preparation which they go through prior to leaving home.
    *** FROM SUMMER EXPERIENCE TO ONGOING MINISTRY — To really reap the dividends of a changed lifestyle, youth groups must carry forward the momentum which a summer project can generate. …
    *** GREATER DENOMINATIONAL EMPHASIS — … As the number of groups going on missions trips swell, two factors will lead to greater denominational involvement: a) Denominations will begin paying attention to the savings they can offer their churches by sponsoring their own projects; and b) they will also want to exert greater denominational control over the kind of projects which their churches choose. …
    **** INCREASED NETWORKING — … By linking up with other groups, an individual church can spread out its costs over greater numbers. ….
    *** INTERNATIONALIZATION OF THE MOVEMENT — … In the future, missions networks will extend increasingly throughout the world.
    *** JUNIOR HIGH INVOLVEMENT — … What we’ve seen is that if an effective program of discipleship exists and youth group members have been thoroughly trained, they have all the maturity they need to be smashing successes on the missions field.

  6. MISSION FINDER WEB SITE — Find it at Find mission opportunities, opportunities for tentmakers, information on mission training and short term opportunities as well as major section on mission resources (travel, insurance, FAQs about missions, links to other mission job lists etc.).

  7. GUIDEBOOK TO THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED — Short-term mission trips are just that–short-term. So instead of spending most of their time on the field trying to figure things out, if participants go prepared, they can be free to focus on their ministry. Guidebook to the Road Less Traveled is a good resource for preparing short-termers. Filled with practical tips and down-to-earth biblical wisdom, this 100-page workbook is an in-depth discipleship tool preparing participants’ hearts and attitudes for the experience ahead of them. Reasonably priced at $8.00, Guidebook to the Road Less Traveled may be the resource you’ve been looking for. For more information look at or call Kyle at (407) 852-3660, or email .

  8. REENTRY GUIDE FOR SHORT-TERM MISSION LEADERS — Check out the “Reentry Guide for Short Term Mission Leaders” by Lisa Chinn. Lisa is a well know Reentry specialist in the short term missions community and has done many seminars overseas as well as in N America. She has recently documented her research and put most of her seminar notes into a small book. It is spiral bound book, filled with research, and is easy to understand with many sources and footnotes. It is available for $10.50 + 1.50 shipping.

  9. TRAIN THOSE SHORT-TERMERS — You know you should spend more time on cross-cultural training, but the planning and logistics of your short- term mission trips are taking all your time and it’s almost summer. Give a 12 lesson Bible Study guide to each member, assign the lessons and debrief some of the lessons together in small groups. You’ll be amazed at how well they can get on track with the help of this book, Before You Pack Your Bag, Prepare Your Heart. God’s word can be used to effectively build sensitive servants! The spiral bound book comes with 10-day Trip Journal and a page of ideas for a team leader using it for orientation. Check out the publisher’s website for content review and downloadable order form. or email Miriam .