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letter and ligntening bolt… but were afraid to ask . . . is now available online by joining a special email conference headed by Caleb Project’s John Hanna (of the old “Brigada- connections” days; also, remember “Global Glimpse”? :-) ). To join, just send a blank email to: missions-crypto-subscribe@egroups.com. We’ll give John a heads up on the possibility that many will join this group. It’s a hot topic. And… yes… he’ll take into consideration that not everyone joining would be friendly to the cause.


book The world of microenterprise development (MED) can be bewildering. There are so many terms, so many organizations, and so many concepts to learn. Frankly, it is all rather overwhelming. Where can a person turn to sort it all out? If this is how you are feeling, then this handbook is for you. Co- authored by David Bussau, the “father” of Christian MED, and Dr. Russell Mask, International Microenterprise Coordinator for the Chalmers Center for Economic Development, this book is designed to help churches, missionaries, and Christian NGOs understand the basics of MED in the Two-Thirds World. Pre-publication editions are available in limited quantity from the Chalmers Center. The cost is $10, plus shipping and handling. To order your copy, send a message to the Chalmers Center at: chalmers@covenant.edu.


graduation cap Fuller School of World Mission is offering a great set of courses on Islam, this summer. You can take the course for grad credit for $800 and audit is considerably cheaper. Check out these offerings:
  • June 11-15: Muslim Evangelism, Phil Parshall
  • June 18-29, Women in Islam, Evelyne Reisacher
  • July 2-6: (no class on the 4th), Islam in North America, Steve Johnson
  • July 9-13: Church Planting in Muslim Contexts, Greg Livingstone.

For more information, write Laura swm-acadprogdir@dept.fuller.edu.



movie camera The dynamic attitude-altering video series, “The Real Story: A Christian’s Guide To The Arab World”, is composed of six 20 minute segments, making it ideal for use in adult Christian Ed classes, mission study groups, as a follow up to Perspectives, or even orienting short-termers entering a Muslim context. Includes a 40 page Study Guide summarizing each segment and providing questions for discussion. Cost: $40 Retail, available to Brigada readers at a 30% discount! Contact: MEM-USA AD@mem-usa.org.


Bible SOON Gospel Literature has the copyright to a very easy-English New Testament. It can be viewed online at http://bible.gospelcom.net (version ‘WE’). SOON does not distribute it commercially, but prints it primarily for use in its own ministry. Its leaders are willing to collaborate with any ministry which wishes to use part or all of the text for scripture distribution, or as part of any other material. They are also considering the addition of a brief overview of the Old Testament to future issues. Can anyone recommend existing short material which explains God’s dealings with man in the Old Testament, and is designed for a (non-Western) reader who knows nothing of the Bible? If so, write Tony tony@soon.org.uk.


graduation cap EFCM International Network has two Bible-based ESL curricula: Adventures in English and Exploring English. During the past year the I-NET staff has rewritten the reading lessons for these two series to make them much more active, requiring more student participation and involvement. Also, there are now reading lessons for beginning and advanced readers. International Network also has developed an 8-lesson ESL Adventures in Business curriculum. If you want to get a sample lesson of the Adventures series or the Exploring series, contact Don 72066.2020@compuserve.com.


calendar There is a global grassroots movement of young emerging leaders passionate in their devotion to Jesus, fervent in worship and radical in their commitment to see the whole world know Christ. On March 21-24, 2001, these leaders — from the US and throughout the 10/40 Window — will gather at the Christian Aid Training Base in Charlottesville, Virginia to seek God’s direction and network with others who are leading evangelistic initiatives among the unreached peoples of the world. For information about registration, the summit agenda, goals of the Emerging Leadership Network, and other relevant topics visit http://el.strategicnetwork.org or contact the summit coordinator via email to thesummit@strategicnetwork.org.


Almost any issue or idea can be turned into a story, which can then be made into a comic. This book gives practical advice on how to target and produce comics. It’s free to third World readers, and is also available online: http://global.finland.fi/comics For Christian training in the use of cartooning and comics, Rox35 Media is the place to go: http://www.ROX35Media.org


WebWatch Two thousand years ago Jesus gave the Great Commission. Today, many remain unreached. Log onto http://www.newWway.org and read the classic work on communication strategy by James F Engel. Also see newWway.org’s new look and browse the content, there’s about four times more material than before, and more is being added every week!


WebWatch Those Canadians just keep churning out the great missions stuff. Check out the Great Commission Worship & Arts Center (Canadian based) at: http://www.skyfamily.com/gracew/index9.html

Another Canadian site, the Ethnic Worship & Arts Focus, can be found at: http://www.skyfamily.com/gracew/index62.html

While you’re at it, check out the International Worship & Arts Network at: http://www.worship-arts-network.com



If you’re looking for house church resources or relationships, check into the Canadian House Church Resource Network at: http://www.outreach.ca/cpc/Housechurches.htm


praying hands Remember that February is a special month of prayer and fasting for the Unreached Fulani people of the World! There are 26 million Fulani in West Africa. The prayer guide is available in English and in French! Find out more at http://www.africamissions.com/fulbe.htm or write Dave 100373.2473@compuserve.com.


graduation cap It’s six weeks long, starting June 1, 2001. Teachers use proven results. The only entry requirement is that you speak English. Learn more at: http://www.tesoltraining.com or write tesol2001@hotmail.com. Please be sensitive to possible Chinese listeners when writing this address.


laptop computer DSR, Inc, has specialized in providing Toshiba portable computers to missionaries overseas since 1986. Its techs have lots of experience with delivery, 220 volts, plug ends, etc., and they operate one of 27 major Premier-level repair shop in the USA. They provide “one-business-day” turn around on tech support emails. For info write Steve ssmith@dsr-inc.com or go to http://www.dsr-inc.com


Mark luvhaiti@bellsouth.net is a missionary church planter, and is wanting to classify his personal library. He’s not fond of the Dewey system or the Library of Congress classification scheme. Do you know of a simple & helpful classification system to suggest to him (preferably one that will work for books, audios, videos, etc.)? Extensive Internet searching has proven nearly fruitless. PLEASE NOTE: He is not desiring help in managing or cataloging a book collection (much software of that nature is available), but rather a system to use for numbering or classifying items. Please e-mail Mark with your suggestions, and he will let us all know if an answer is found.


books and pen There’s a lot of talk these days about working in teams. Those blessed with the opportunity to serve on great teams are quick to tell you that they love their job. But how do those teams become great? I’m becoming more and more convinced that good teams don’t become great teams by accident. It’s an intentional process . . . and it involves dozens of variables. Gleaned from 20 years of experience watching our own mission teams grow around the globe, here’s the beginning of a short list on some ideas for turning good teams into great teams.

Great teams have…

  1. A clear sense of purpose — Nothing can ‘deep six’ a team faster than floundering in the swamp of wondering why they exist. Write your purpose down. Frame it. Talk about it. Re-read it regularly. Make sure new team members understand it before they even seek membership.

  2. Motivated team members — Okay. This one’s obvious. But think about the difference it makes to just put a basketball great like Michael Jordan onto a court. I’ve been reading a book about Jordan (“For the Love of the Game” — highly recommended for sports fans) and it’s impossible to miss his passion for the sport. Apparently most professional b’ball players in the NBA have provisions which restrict their play during the off-season. Team owners don’t want their prize players getting injured and hurting their winnings the following season. When Jordan came to the Chicago Bulls in 1984, he evidently lobbied long and hard until he achieved what few other players have negotiated: a “Love Of The Game Clause”. Basically Jordan said he loved basketball so much that he couldn’t imagine walking through a summer without it. Bravo for him. It’s about time we respect people because they have a passion for something rather than because they got rich off of it. Likewise, we need missionaries who can’t wait to get up in the morning. They might not really enjoy language learning drills, but their passion for Christ and their devotion to the Lord compel them to study. In short, they need “Love of the Lord Clauses”. … and maybe “Love of the People Clauses” too!

  3. Determination — My 14-year-old son loves soccer. So do dozens of other boys his age. But, if I may say so, something seems to separate him from other boys, especially in the final half of a match. While other players seem to grow more and more weary, especially if they’re behind on the scoreboard, Chris seems to almost play harder as each minute passes. He just won’t quit. He can be 3 goals down… but he just won’t stop trying to come out on top.

These last few days I’ve been meeting with our two full-time teams in Taiwan. The team leader I’m with on this particular day readily admits that he and his wife worked here for 7 years without a single response. Talk about 7 years of famine. Imagine… 7 years without a single success story to write home about. But they didn’t give up. By the 10th year there were a handful . . . and now in the 15 year a church is rising up. Over 100 believers celebrate on Sunday mornings… and cell groups are being birthed all over this bustling city. It’s harvest time.

Good teams rarely become great teams… but when they do, they seldom reach greatness without a clear sense of purpose, motivated team members, and determination. My challenge to all of us is to seek after those attributes in the teams upon which we labor. [more next week]


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